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A Matter of Days

The Post-Everything Future

Ever think about leaving it all behind? Well, you’re probably going to — and sooner than you expect. Humanity may well experience more disruptive change over the next 30 years than we have in the previous 500. (In fact, the level of change may be more on par with the past 5,000 years.) To get a handle on the scope of the transformation, we have to re-calibrate how we look at time. “The Future” is no longer years away; it's days away.

Recent developments show that change is occurring more rapidly than we tend to suspect, and at a more fundamental level. Welcome to the Post-Everything era, where we leave behind many of the expectations, assumptions, and basic categories that we have always relied on to make sense of the world around us. Are you ready for a post-work economy? A post-mortality life plan? A post-human society? Hold on tight; we are in for quite a ride!

The REAL Secret

Exploring the Reality Spectrum

Augmented reality. Virtual reality. Fake news. Alternative facts. Is reality becoming optional? (Has it always been optional?)

Technology is shortening the distance between what we can imagine and what we can make happen. Meanwhile, social media and other drivers are making it easier than ever to create our own personalized realities. It's kind of like The Secret — where what a person thinks about becomes reality. But this isn't some hokey New Age fluff. It's really happening!

What does the future look like when reality itself is up for grabs? This workshop combines presentation with group exercises and discussion to explore the dynamic relationship between imagination, capability, illusion, certainty, and reality.

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 Today is the day.

The future starts right now.