About Phil

About Phil

Phil Bowermaster, acceleration strategist, is a nationally recognized author and speaker. He has more than 25 years experience writing about emerging technologies and the future. As co-host of the popular Internet radio series, The World Transformed, Phil has talked with leading scientists and technologists, best-selling authors, philosophers, filmmakers, artists, entrepreneurs and others who are shaping our understanding of the amazing era of transformation in which we live.

In speaking engagements, Phil outlines the convergence of information and society that is driving disruptive change. He helps leaders and their organizations develop strategies for managing accelerating change. He shows how imagination, optimism, empathy, and humor can make all the difference in both understanding and making the most of the powerful currents of change we face.

The Future is Coming... Ready Or Not

Once upon a time, "the Future" was a distant land that we didn't think too much about. We knew we would be going there someday, of course, but that was a long way off. Meanwhile, we had lots of other stuff to worry about.

And then one day we woke up to a world we can barely recognize. Everything, it seems, is changing. All the time. And there's no sign of it slowing downif anything, it's speeding up! New technologies. New opportunities. New risks. It's all happening at once. How do we prepare for a future that is only a matter of days away?


"Our future is being formed around a series of complex ever-changing trends, and Phil Bowermaster is not only a great student of applied futurism, but also a master analyst when it comes to uncovering the meaning and long term implications of these changes.

A great futurist is thought provoking, inspiring, and entertaining. Phil is all of these and much more."

Thomas Frey
Senior Futurist, the DaVinci Institute
(Google’s top-rated Futurist Speaker)


"Phil challenges every organization—from the one-woman startup to the big government agency or multinational corporation—to open their eyes to the incredible changes we’re facing each day.

We can discover the opportunities and avoid the risks these changes represent only if we see them coming and understand what they mean."

Shannon Balmes
Founder, Harleias


"Phil has a remarkable ability to present both the accelerating changes and challenges ahead of us, with a perceptive optimism that can reassure humanity that we've got this, if we focus on it. And this. And this...

I've been very lucky to podcast with him many times and each show is enlightening and delightful." 

PJ Manney
Best-selling author: Phoenix Horizon series
(Nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award)
Speaker and Futurist


"Phil explains why the future won't just be different from today. It will be astounding. He helps us to understand that this amazing future will be here much sooner than we think, and that we all have a role to play in bringing it about.

He pulls all that off and has fun doing it.

And you will, too!" 

Stephen Gordon
Co-Host, The World Transformed
Author: "In the Future, Everything Will be a Coffeeshop"


"Phil talks about what's really possible. Why do we miss out on so many possible futures? Why do we assume the wrong things and worry about the wrong things?

It's surprising to learn that what will probably happen is not what we think will happen, and that we should focus on possibilities that right now are pretty hard to imagine. " 

Adriagny Mejias

Director, Global Projects
The World Transformed Institute